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Dead Sea

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November - December 2008: Middle East (Israel, Palestine, Jordan and Egypt) (498 photos)

Egypt: Sinai Mountain / Sharm-El-Sheikh

Day 8
Today we travelled from Jordan to Egypt. Fact is that one could quickly get there on land, however in order to do with one has to pass a strip of Israeli territory (Port Eilat on the Red Sea) Some of the people had gotten sick the previous day, and now had to reserve strategically better seats in the front of the bus. On the way, we got to see a sandstorm. From our vantage point on the ship, we were able to see four different countries at once: Saudia Arabia, Jordan, Israel and Egypt. Each of these wanted access to the Red Sea, so that if it weren’t for the borders dividing the countires one could easily pass through all four within twenty minutes. We were lucky enough to see dolphins here, however it didn’t seem appropriate to rush for cameras to depict this during mass, so unfortunately there is no photographic evidence of this. We managed to make it to the city before Mt. Sinai just before nightfall. There was no internet, however I went into town where I located a small internet café. By this point I was used to their computers, always at a state easily ready for the dump – however still better than nothing. The long trips and constant lack of sleep here made themselves known. If it weren’t for the constant demand to check my e-mail, I might have been able to set aside more time for such personal purposes. Because of this, I resigned from the visit to the Sinaj Mountain that night, choosing instead to get a long night of sleep and take a morning jog the next dawn.

Day 9
Today we arrived in Sharm El-Sheikh, where we were given a one-day break. On the way we got to view the beautiful sight of Synaj from the mountains. Sharm El-Sheikh is the largest tourist centre in all of Egypt. It is picturesquely set by the Red Sea – one of the largest coral reefs in the world. Here, there are many resorts and hotels. The desert’s borders actually approach the sea itself, so all of the industrialistic buildings are crowded around this same meeting point. In the evening we managed to organize a small gathering around two bottles of wine. For the first time, I tried smoking a local pipe – not bad, under the condition that you keep some reasonable limits.

Day 10
Sharm El-Sheikh and the flight to Luxor. Today we set out on a boat to attempt snorkeling. Only two of us from the group had ever dived (after our trip to Puerto Rico my eagerness for it, however, vanished…) so I, along with everyone else, were content with snorkeling. It took us over an hour to find a free ship which we could take to a suitable snorkeling ground. By the time we arrived at the first of these places, at least another hour had passed. By the journey’s conclusion, however, easily half the people on the ship returned with green faces and lacking the breakfast they had consumed earlier that day. Oddly enough, I was not part of this unhappy group. We snorkeled mainly in two places, each no more that a few meters from shore. I’m not sure why the boat was necessary at all, killing so much time waiting for and sailing with it when we easily could have arrived in the same places from the beach, particularly considering our hotel had one of the nicest beaches. Still, we managed to fit some swimming into our trip, and the snorkeling was easily just as good as it had been in Hawaii or anyplace in the Caribbeans. It’s only a pity we couldn’t have stayed there a day or two longer. In the evening we had our flight to Kairu, from where we took a connecting flight to Luxor. We ended up arriving in our hotel well after midnight. It was much too late for everyone, especially considering that we had to leave it several short hours later for two full days of visiting.

Nuweiba - Egypt

Vie of Aqaba Bay

Vie of Aqaba Bay

One of tourist resorts on the coast of Sinai

Sunset at Sinai

On the Red Sea beach in Sinai

Our hotel in Sinai

Mass on Sinai, near St.Catherines monastery

Bottle of wine in Sharm El-Sheikh

Locals with whole families went snorkling (seriously here just lining-up to the boat !!!)

Snorkling and scuba-diving in Sharm El-Sheikh

Coming back after snorkling in Sharm El-Sheikh

Stone desert in Jordan

The boat trip on Aqaba Bay was way too looooong

The boat trip on Aqaba Bay was way too looooong

At the top of Sinai Mountain

At the top of Sinai Mountain

Mass on Sinai, near St.Catherines monastery

Nearby St.Catherine's monastery

St.Catherine's monastery

St.Catherine's monastery

St.Catherine's monastery

Emptyness in Sinai - only mountains, rocks and sand

A small party in Sharm El-Sheikh

A small party in Sharm El-Sheikh

The waiter shows us how to smoke shisha

A small party in Sharm El-Sheikh

Near our hotel - waiting for snorkling trip

The group is ready for snorkling (they did not know yet that most of them will get sea-sick)

Snorkling and scuba-diving in Sharm-El-Sheikh

Our priest was ready since the very beginning

Pity that no one else wanted to join me

Back at the hotel

Our hotel at Sharm El-Sheikh

The airport in Sharm El-Sheikh

Sand storm in Jordan

Jordanian coast in Aqaba

The mass on the ship at Red Sea (from Jordan to Egypt)

Nuweiba - Egypt

Internet Cafe in Sinai

Sinai coast - tourist signs are mostly in Russian, not English

At the top of Sinai Mountain

Jerry claimbing to the summit of Sinai Mountain

There were some clothes rectrictions at the St.Catherine's monastery. People with short could not enter and had to cover their knees.

These, who claimbed Mt.Sinai at night had to take some a short nap in the bus on the way to Sharm El-Sheikh

Short stop for the lunch in Dahab

Souvenirs stored in Dahab

Smoking shisha

Konrad discover what smoking is about

Maciek could not stop it...

Konrad in my flippers

The equipment is ready

On the boat

Sea-sickness effected most of our group

Driving thru Sharm El-Sheikh

In 2005 there was a terrorist bomb attach in Sharm el-Sheikh killing at least 88 people and wounding 200

Changing airplane in Cairo and long night conversations of Poles...

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